All-Weather Premium Floor Mats for 7 Seater Tesla Model Y (2021-2023)

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All Season Protection With A Dash of Sexy

  • ✔️BEST MATS, BETTER PRICE: We have made the best fitting, best performing, best looking Tesla Model Y mats on the market. We spent half a year perfecting our 3D floor mats. We outperformed all of our competitors in comparisons of fit, finish and durability. Every single time.
  • ✔️ALL THE BASICS INCLUDED: This product features a set of full-coverage floor liners including a 3rd row piece for the all-new 7 seater Model Y 2021 2022. This premium set includes 6x pieces total: 2x individual front row mats, 1x middle row mat, 1x custom-cut 3rd row liner. 
  • ✔️THEY DON’T SMELL: Right out of the box, and into your vehicle, our mats are odorless. No need to drive with the windows down. Tested safe for even the most sensitive noses.
  • ✔️FUNCTIONAL & ECO-FRIENDLY: Our Tesla Model Y Floor Mats are made through a unique manufacturing process. Bonding an exceptionally durable, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) surface with a cross-linked polyethylene (XPE) center to provide a soft, comfortable feel and durable, attractive finish, with a special internal foam to reduce road noise while driving. We also utilize an exclusive PET backing to prevent these mats from shifting and sliding around on the floor.
  • ✔️BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Our mats are as clean and elegant as your Tesla! No unsightly designs or logos to distract from the beauty of your car’s interior. Our polyester looped surface effectively captures sand, mud, snow, and dirt to protect your floors while ensuring an easy clean without leaving any dirt behind.
  • ✔️TESTED & VERIFIED: Our floor liners have passed a variety of extreme tests to ensure that they will not crack, split, or deform, including a chemical exposures test and heat-resistant exam. 
  • ✔️100% BUY BACK GUARANTEE: Every Hydratase Tesla Model Y 3D Floor Mat Set is backed by an industry-leading warranty. Prepare to be impressed! If these mats don’t fit perfectly, protect fiercely and look stunning in every single corner, edge and surface: we will buy them back. Period. End of story. No questions asked. There is ZERO risk to you!

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.


Sheila L.

Good quality.

4 months ago

very good

4 months ago

One of the best investment. Carefully packed, easy to install and looks great on your (any color) Tesla

7 months ago

They are great. Only negative is the strip that is used to line in the inside of the rims is just one long strip for the four rims. Last time I ordered these they were individually cut to fit. This made it a lot easier.

8 months ago
Jonathan R.

Love these wheel caps for my tesla model 3.

9 months ago
Mammen T.


9 months ago
Roger S.

Saw these on a YouTube channel and decided to try my luck with them. I'm so happy that I bought these because it's both functional while providing a great new look to my M3 Tesla vehicle. Protip: Use the supplied one-sided foam tape on each wheel cap. This will provide a cushion around the perimeter of the edge where the cap meets the rim. This will help you receive no noise in the future. Though I heard of some buyers never using it with no noise. My front left driver side cap started making noise at low speeds. That's when double checked the foam strip and replaced it with new. Other than that, it's been a great set of wheel covers for me.

10 months ago
Nicholas D.

Just placed wheel caps on our new Tesla Y. Looks like a totally different car. Very sleek and sporty. Would highly recommend. Also very simple to install

11 months ago

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