Performance Pedals for Tesla Model 3 & Y (Prior to 10/2021) – Gen 2

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Our Newly Upgraded 5-Stripe Design

Enhance the style and appearance of your standard Model 3 or Model Y with our newly designed Performance Pedal Set. Constructed of genuine aluminum alloy with raised rubber sectioning, our Performance Pedal set is OEM-grade. You can now mimic the exact look of the Performance Model 3 & Y!


  • OEM-Quality: Made from 100% aluminum alloy, exactly like the official Tesla Performance Pedals! Our premium alloy will not warp or bend easily!
  • Durable: Our pedals are completely waterproof and ice-proof when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Improved grip with our patented 5-Stripe Design.
  • Firm Grip: Along with the graded rubber, our non-slip surface design has a high coefficient of friction, providing a snug fit around the pedals.
  • Easy Installation: A simple plug and play! We’ve included detailed instructions down below. You can always watch this video for more guidance.
  • Custom Fit: Guaranteed to perfectly fit your Model 3 & Y manufactured before 10/2021. We use these in our Model 3s and they show almost no signs of wear after a year!


Accelerator & Brake

Prior to installing, it may help to leave the pedals out in the sun for 30 minutes or heat them up slightly with a heat gun! 


  1. Remove the stock pedal cover on the brake only. Do not attempt to remove the accelerator as there is no cover on it! To remove, fold back the rubber around the edges from behind the pedal.
  2. Working from bottom to top or vice versa, fit the cover over the pedal by sliding up and adjusting the rubber around the pedal edges until it’s in place. Use your smartphone or fingers to ensure that all the rubber is fully wrapped around the pedal.
  3. Repeat the same technique with the accelerator pedal. Simply slide from the bottom to top and wrap the rubber around the edges. A few flathead screwdrivers or dull spudger may help as the accelerator pedal is a bit tougher.

Rest Pedal

  1. Clean the original rest pedal with an alcohol solution or soap and water.
  2. Remove the adhesive backing and align the rest pedal with the existing grooves to help with positioning. Do not apply pressure yet!
  3. Once you’re satisfied with the fit, apply even pressure firmly throughout the rest pedal.


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.


Sheila L.

Good quality.

4 months ago

very good

4 months ago

One of the best investment. Carefully packed, easy to install and looks great on your (any color) Tesla

7 months ago

They are great. Only negative is the strip that is used to line in the inside of the rims is just one long strip for the four rims. Last time I ordered these they were individually cut to fit. This made it a lot easier.

8 months ago
Jonathan R.

Love these wheel caps for my tesla model 3.

9 months ago
Mammen T.


9 months ago
Roger S.

Saw these on a YouTube channel and decided to try my luck with them. I'm so happy that I bought these because it's both functional while providing a great new look to my M3 Tesla vehicle. Protip: Use the supplied one-sided foam tape on each wheel cap. This will provide a cushion around the perimeter of the edge where the cap meets the rim. This will help you receive no noise in the future. Though I heard of some buyers never using it with no noise. My front left driver side cap started making noise at low speeds. That's when double checked the foam strip and replaced it with new. Other than that, it's been a great set of wheel covers for me.

10 months ago
Nicholas D.

Just placed wheel caps on our new Tesla Y. Looks like a totally different car. Very sleek and sporty. Would highly recommend. Also very simple to install

11 months ago

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